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Smart Class rooms

Today, there is hardly any part of life that remains untouched by chip technology. At Delhi International School, the intention of teachers is to ensure thatstudents make the best use of this modern tool of learning right from the initial days of schooling. The state-of-the-art ICT labs are equipped with the latest high-end machines and up-to-date software. Teachers not only guide the students to browse the internet to gather information related to their projects but also to supplement learning.

Tinkering Lab

The child in the formative years is eager to learn, but in his own way. At Delhi International School, the focus is on providing a unique educational experience that is based on sound concepts and values. Training the child from early years to observe, obey, obtain and assimilate knowledge is done through systematic and scientifically planned programmes. The school has a specially designed playpen and activity room, equipped with various educational tools to make learning interesting and fun. The teachers adopt innovative methods of teaching to make learning interesting and interactive. Use of latest teaching aids to develop the numeric and linguistic ability, sensor- motor skills and general habits is the norm at DIS. Every child is closely observed and his behaviour is monitored both inside and outside the classroom.

Science and Math Labs

DIS has well equipped and systematically designed Science laboratories. Students at DIS are encouraged to hone their skills of observation, logic, analysis and application in these state-of-the-art labs.

The curriculum at Delhi International School helps the students to develop a scientific temperament and skills through keen observation of life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Math are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the vigilance and guidance of respective teachers. Students are encouraged to conduct science symposia, exhibitions and projects. Talented students are encouraged and trained to participate in Mathematics, Science, English and Cyber Olympiads.


DIS allocates ample time in the academic schedule for students to hone their creative talents. Painting, pottery, sculpture, debates, stamp-collection, gardening, cookery,dance and music are some of the leisure activities students may choose to pursue. These activities, conducted under the expert guidance of experienced people in specific areas, provide a proper channel for creative thinking and also help in inculcating positive attitudes.

Students are encouraged to participate in tree planting, rainwater harvesting and other eco-friendly activities to make them realize the need and significance of preserving nature for future generations. The school has a multipurpose auditorium with ample seating for the conduct of celebrations and competitions.

Music and Dance

Delhi International School is divided into four Houses to encourage healthy competition among students. Inter-house competitions in various disciplines are organized on a regular basis to identify and encourage individual talent.

Basket Ball

Sports provide perfect relaxation and a welcome break from the monotony of academics. DIS aims at providing state of art sporting facilities on its campus to
encourage the student body to participate, pursue and benefit from sports and games.





Foot Ball

Tennis Courts

Corporate office

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