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Literary Club:

Great beginnings / Socrates

The primary school curriculum followed at DIS is innovative and experiential, making the learning process enlightening and invigorating, igniting the child’s intellectual curiosity.

Delhi International School follows a unique Primary Year Programme that is designed to sculpt students into global citizens. This will help them acquire a wide range of essential skills and attitudes that would transform them into self-motivated, sensitive and balanced individuals with healthy moral values, ready to face the challenges of the future positively and comprehensively. Colourful primary classrooms provide the right environment to captivate the child and stimulate learning. The teachers at DIS identify and nurture the hidden talents of the children, by closely monitoring their everyday activities.

Science Club:


DIS has well equipped and systematically designed Science laboratories. Students at DIS are encouraged to hone their skills of observation, logic, analysis and application in these state-of-the-art labs.

The curriculum at Delhi International School helps the students to develop a scientific temperament and skills through keen observation of life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Math are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the vigilance and guidance of respective teachers. Participation in science projects and science exhibitions is an integral aspect of learning at DIS. Students are encouraged to conduct science symposia, exhibitions and projects. 

Social Club:


Holistic development of the students forms the core of the teaching – learning process at DIS. The emphasis is always on shaping students into smart individuals with strong commitment to their chosen goals.

Life at Delhi International School is very interesting and engrossing. Several leisure time activities are offered to keep students active and agile throughout the day. Kindergartners enjoy a well designed toddler pool and play pen. There is also a provision for students to play indoor games like table tennis, carom and chess. In addition a skating rink has been designed for the students to train in roller-skating. Martial arts and Yoga are a part of the daily activities as they exercise the body and relax the mind.

Math Club:


Individual attention is the watch word at DIS. Whether it is an individual student, a group or a whole class, a flexible teaching method that is most appropriate to the situation and the requirement of the students is employed.

At DIS students are given ample opportunities to improve their presentation skills through audio – visual demonstrations and graphic oriented teaching. Several value added learning processes implemented here include presentations, group discussions, case studies, projects and workshops. Periodical examinations are conducted to test the understanding skills of the students. The students are encouraged to approach the concerned subject teachers freely to clarify their doubts. This constant grooming helps students with different levels of comprehension to perform to the best of their potential.

G K Club:

Master Minds

DIS fosters the development of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), PQ (Physical Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient) and TQ (Technology Quotient) by organising personality enhancement workshops and seminars by experts in the respective fields.

Today’s world is technology driven. Delhi International School aims to adopt latest, pertinent innovations in the educational sector to make it more productive and contemporary. The main aim of DIS is to develop in students inquisitiveness, critical thinking and self-directed learning by laying a proper foundation and honing the power of reasoning and analytical skills. To inculcate scientific temper and enhance mathematical skills in students programmes like Robotics and Abacus are introduced as part of the main stream curriculum.

Environment Club:


Classrooms without walls’ and Learning beyond the school gates happens at DIS by conducting a lot of field trips and educational tours regularly. Real-life experiences help students face challenges readily and also makes text book learning more meaningful.

Delhi International School realises the importance of the overall development of the students. It does not believe in preparing students merely for school and Board examinations. Emphasis is laid on shaping the students into individuals, with strong integrity, a smart personality and brimming with confidence. The school organises field trips, excursions, educational tours, picnics, outdoor camping, and adventure sports that are both recreational and educational. Children of the junior sections visit the zoo, railway stations, airports and markets to reinforce their learning by connecting the real life to the text book lessons.

Cultural Club:


Delhi International School is divided into four Houses to encourage healthy competition among students. Inter-house competitions in various disciplines are organized on a regular basis to identify and encourage individual talent.

DIS allocates ample time in the academic schedule for students to hone their creative talents. Painting, pottery, sculpture, debates, stamp collection, gardening, cookery, dance and music are some of the leisure activities students may choose to pursue. These activities, conducted under the expert guidance of experienced people in specific areas, provide a proper channel for creative thinking and also help in inculcating positive attitudes. Students are encouraged to participate in tree planting, rainwater harvesting and other eco-friendly activities to make them realize the need and significance of preserving nature for future generations.

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